• Sunset School
    Contra Costa Adult School
    We are teaching on-going weekly programs for adults with disabilities at the Contra Costa Adult School in Concord CA. They are coached in Brain Gym activities including the Dennison Laterality Repatterning exercises, as well as other techniques that help with brain/neurological organization and energetic balancing. We would like to have these techniques included more regularly in the curriculum, as well as a more vigorous physical exercise program.

    The hope is that, over time, this neurologically based program will increase reading, writing and comprehension skills.
  • Sunset School
    Sunset School
    Sunset School is an on-going weekly special education after-school program for 4th and 5th graders. read more...
  • Camp Camelot
    Camp Camelot
    Camp Camelot is a 501 C non profit organization supporting developmentally delayed and autistic individuals. read more...
  • Dr. Eaton's study: Neurologically-
    based body work for autistic and developmentally delayed people. read more...

  • Dr. Eaton Lorre Eaton is a chiropractor by training and a metaphysical healer. From her early 20s, she has had a deep interest in the relationship between the emotional and physical bodies. This has been the touchstone for her wide and continuing education. read more...

Welcome to Eaton Energetics

Which of the following problems would you like to resolve?
  • Chronic physical problems with emotional roots.
  • Persistent emotional issues.
  • Phobias, chronic anxiety, long term debilitating stress.

Welcome to my practice. I'm Dr. Lorre Eaton. I have been helping people deal with issues from ADD to infertility. I know that almost all of our physical issues have an emotional substrate and that many of our emotional issues take up residence in our physical bodies. The interaction between our emotional state and our physical well-being has been a studied passion of mine since 1975. I have developed a unique and rapid healing system using the neurological system to break unhealthy emotional patterns and create a healthy and life-affirming future.


The first consultation usually lasts about ninety minutes and includes a treatment.

First we talk about what exactly you would like to work on and what your issues are—both emotional and physical. I teach you how to participate in a kinesiological muscle test, and you will learn how to take this tool forward into your own life. We go through a basic energy–balancing procedure, based on the acupuncture system, Energy Psychology , and other energetic techniques. Once you are in balance, we do an Energy Psychology session if applicable.

Lastly, you receive a bodywork session that is a combination of chiropractic, soft tissue work on your muscles, ligaments, tendons—and energy work.read more...


Special Needs

Special Needs As an outgrowth of a 2007 study, Eaton Energetics' program actually gets results in a very short time-frame. The program includes a combination of body-centered, neurologically-based therapies, such as Brain Gym, non-force spinal alignment, Energy Psychology, and other techniques.read more...


I think Lorre is absolutely magical. I had so many little pains, but I always just lived with them. I can run the track again after a foot injury five year’s mealier (Kaiser failed to do much after the initial healing). My shoulder pain of about ten years is gone (was actually gone in about three seconds). My back pain is 98% gone (only occasionally notice it); my neck is not locked up anymore; my hips are a thousand times better.read more...

Saturday when you were finished with B. you did a bit of energy work on me and when we left I felt very energized and 'up'. All the rest of the day I was feeling very positive and full of life. It's great to feel so good and there's no doubt in my mind that your work on me is what made my day.read more...

Special Needs Testimonials

Thank you for the change you have made in my son N. His teacher tells me that in addition to being cute as a bug, N has become a natural leader out on the playground. In the classroom he has become a take-charge guy and he no longer pouts under his desk when he doesn’t get his way, and he is now considerate of others and their feelings.read more...