How the Body Guides Me

Using the skills I've obtained from my education and 35 years of clinical experience, I can glean a lot of information about what is happening in the body and its relationship to whole being.

Explicit vs Implicit Knowledge

Knowledge can be described as explicit or implicit. Explicit knowledge is the information I have received from my scientific education and my hard clinical experience. Implicit knowledge is a type of intuitive knowledge I get through a variety of other sources, such as muscle testing, which is used frequently these days to obtain many types of information. This type of kinesiology is not explicit, in that it is not yet proven to be a scientific system. However many different types of practitioners use it to get information for many types of problems. Perhaps it, as well as many other ways of knowing, is in the gray area between being an explicit, scientifically-proven system and an implicit—intuitive, yet studied way of knowing. It may well be considered implicit because we don't yet have the science to prove it.

Intuition as a Way of Knowing

Intuition is an implicit way of knowing. Many intuitives use an object or the vibration of a name to obtain information; I use the body. Sometimes I can touch a muscle in the neck and it will "tell' me how long ago an event occurred that is currently influencing the situation. I feel the energy field above the body to get information. For example, I can often tell what area of the body is in distress by irregularities in the field. I can also tell if there was anger or sorrow or particular emotional states that need attention. Certain vertebrae often cue me in to emotional areas that need to be cleared either through gentle spinal contacts or Energy Psychology techniques.

Checking and Confirming Results

I often ask my clients to confirm my findings. This is a good way to confirm accuracy. With children who are unable to confirm my findings, I can either use their parents as surrogates while muscle testing or just do the work and wait to see if there are positive results.

I can check my results a number of ways. A patient tells me I am "right on". The healing is sometimes very rapid as the client makes the connection between his/her distress and the actual cause of that distress. The body changes: tight muscles soften; breathing changes; previously charged emotional material elicits no pain or emotional charge. I get clinical results I can track with chiropractic and neurological tests.

I always check my intuitive "hits" with my clinical criteria. If there is a disconnect, I try to find another clinical method to check my findings. Sometimes my intuitive knowledge is far better that my clinical understanding. Using all available tools of knowing is essential to the healing process.

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