About Dr. Lorre Eaton

Dr. Eaton began her work as a metaphysical healer in 1975 and has been a licensed chiropractor since 1986. She has been acquiring knowledge and training in a vast variety of therapies and modalities since then, giving her a special perspective and experience base from which to provide healing and well being.

From her early 20s, she has had a deep interest in the relationship between the emotional and physical bodies. This has been the touchstone for her wide and continuing education. Born into a family fascinated by the mysteries of life, she was exposed to different religions, from Unity to Jehovah’s Witness, to Hinduism, as well as astrology, parapsychology, and psychic awareness.

After obtaining her BA with honors in Literature and History from Hofstra University in 1969, she traveled the world extensively, living in France and taking classes at the Université Aix-En-Provence.

On her return to the states, she threw herself into esoteric study, became a proficient astrologer and began to study nutrition, energetic healing, and body work. She got her First Reiki certification from Barbara Ray in 1975, her Touch for Health teacher certification in 1976, and studied with spiritual healers, Peggy-Townsend Beddoes and Carol Parish.

She and her close friend, Sharon Franquemont—noted author and intuition trainer—ran workshops and a healing center in Northport, New York in 1975-76, offering color therapy, massage, Touch-for-Health, and intuitive readings.

She attended the Santa Fe Academy of Natural Healing graduating in 1978, and worked in varies upscale spas in New York and Florida. She then moved on to Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta Georgia, where she graduated with Honors in 1986, while getting her 100 hour certification with the College of Applied Kinesiology. While in school, she also continued her Reiki apprenticeship for two years and studied at the Psychotronic Institute in North Carolina, gaining knowledge of Radionics.

She met Donald Epstein in 1985 and became passionately interested in Network Chiropractic—the first chiropractic modality to acknowledge the body/mind, mind/body interface. She joined the Network staff and worked with patients all over the US from 1990-1994. She maintained a private practice in Berkeley, California until 1996, while continuing to study healing modalities—Pranic Healing, Bach Flower remedies, and Intuition Training with Caroline Myss.

Recently she has studied BodyTalk and Reconnective Healing as well as studying movement development and reflex integration with Dr. Svetlana Magutova. She has also obtained her Diagnostic Level Certification in Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and then continued her study of Energy Psychology earning her certification,CEHP, as a Certified Energy Health Practitioner. This is akin to a diplomate in comprehensive energy psychology for non-mental health professionals./p>

Between 2001-2005 she dealt with her own life threatening illness. She has survived and thrived. She sees illness "… as a tremendous gift. It has helped me understand the nature of illness by living through it, and it has honed my sense of compassion. It also forced me to look at my shadow. My dispassionate observations have continued to serve as a spiritual practice for me."

Using a combination of these therapeutic techniques, she currently maintains a practice for adults and children, with a focus on autistic and developmentally delayed children and young adults. Her unique combination of therapeutic techniques has achieved rapid and positive results with this population.

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