An 18-Month Study

Wanting to discover if my theories about body-based neurologically-focused therapies would be helpful for people with various disabilities, including autism, I conducted an anectodal study over the course of two years with 16 boys ranging in age from 3 to 18 years old. Diagnoses of the participants varied; most were on the autism spectrum. Other diagnoses included ADHD, Asberger syndrome, cerebral palsy, and a few other variations. Each child participated in 12 to 16 treatment sessions.

Because I have observed many fear-based behaviors in this population, whether from sensory disturbances or other factors, I was primarily interested in determining if the neurologically-based therapies could help with anxiety and trauma. The various mind/body techniques that I employed targeted both of those emotional disturbances. Each technique was chosen because it affected the neurological system of the child. In particular, I wanted to study the use of a combination of therapies, to see if that approach might be particularly effective.

Although 12 to 16 visits constitutes a small amount of time to observe changes, the results of this study indicate that the combination of therapies I used were effective with almost all the participants of the study and did promote positive development in response patterns such as reduced anger and diminished anxiety. In addition, other unexpected improvements were observed in executive functioning and motor skills. The results were tabulated from my notes and from the observations and testimonials of the parents.

The results of this study are currently being written and will be posted to this website as soon they are completed. For the present time, testimonials from parents of the study participants are included below.

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