Recommended Minimum Number of Treatments

The work I do is than more than just a quick fix for a specific pain point; I work to resolve issues that may contribute to pain and discomfort. The physical pain may be resolved fairly rapidly, but issues that have deep roots will resurface either in pain or disease or emotional distress.

Recommended Minimum Treatment Protocol for Adults

My recommended minimum treatment protocol for adults is 12 visits. Real change takes time and it is sometimes difficult to judge if one is gaining deep results after only a few sessions. Like psychotherapy, my work often brings up issues that have been dormant or are still unresolved.

Disrupting old neurological patterns and creating new, more life-affirming patterns takes time. Twelve visits is a relatively short amount of time to see positive results, especially if you compare it to years of talk therapy and other treatment plans, or to the number of years you may have been carrying around chronic physical or emotional pain.

The key to my success is the use of multiple therapies. We are working on psychological and neurological systems. Multiple therapies disarm the nervous system which has been holding on to long term neurological habits. When we disrupt a long standing emotional response to an issue, we then need to build a container that will hold the change and re-train your nervous system.

Twelve visits give you the opportunity to really begin to get an true understanding of the dynamic shift that is happening in your life.

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