Session Description

First Visit

The initial consultation usually lasts about ninety minutes and includes your first treatment.

During the first visit, we go through a basic energy–balancing procedure, based on the acupuncture system and Energy Psychology. Once you are in balance, we do a Energy Psychology session, if applicable. After we have worked with your emotional issues, you receive a bodywork session that is a combination of chiropractic, soft tissue work on your muscles, ligaments, tendons—and energy work, often Reconnective Healing or Reiki.

You might be a little disorientated following your first session, so it is advisable to rest a short time before leaving the office.

First Few Days After Your First Visit

During the next few days after your treatment, you should know what you might expect to experience over the next few days. Our work together often creates changes in your physical, emotional and spiritual being. These changes let you know that healing has begun. You might be aware that your physical body feels different. Perhaps you will not be in pain or discomfort. You will probably feel very relaxed and sleep very well the night after this visit. Most often there is a sense of well being and contentment. You might experience an emotional response with new or dormant emotions rising to the surface. These may or may not be attached to anything in your conscious mind.

Some of the responses my clients have reported were unrestrained laughter, anger, sorrow; sometimes they experienced memories they didn't realize they still had stored. Rarely, clients go into what I call somatic crisis. This happens most often if some really big issue is

triggered that the client has either been in denial of or has completely repressed.

You might experience physical pain, low back pain, headache, or recall a deeply disturbing memory. Usually these symptoms last only a day or so at the most. I understand, however, that these symptoms can be disturbing or even frightening, so I encourage you to call me right away and I will schedule another time to see you as soon as possible or refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

Remember, our work together is designed to release the old and invite the new into your life on all levels. This shift is expansive! After we experience an expansion, we often encounter a contraction. This is totally normal! The expansion takes us out of our comfort zone; contraction is a natural fear response. If you experience these things, congratulations! Your inner healer is at work.

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